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Challenges Freelancers Face and How to Overcome Them

Detaching oneself from a collective environment as well as managing your own business and prosperity as a freelance worker might look like the wildest dream. But 53 million freelancers (36% of the U.S. labor force according to Freelancing in America) solely in 2017 are the proof this dream is quite likely to come true. However, […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Side Job Can’t Evolve Into Full-Time Enterprise

In terms of employment, there is nothing worse than seeing your side hustle not developing over an extended period of time. Even if the purpose of your side job was just to add to your income, the chances are that you’ve been hoping that you will eventually devote yourself to it solely, turning it into […]

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5 Time-Consuming Distractions Forbidden for Freelancers

It is only when you start working as a freelancer that you realize you actually had plenty of free time. The most enticing aspect of a freelance career is working from the coziness of your humble abode. Since there are no distractions and disturbances, you normally expect your output to escalate. Well, not necessarily. On […]

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How to Increase Your Rates

At the beginning of their career, every freelancer faces the problem of working for rather low rates. How much you earn will depend on your niche and the industry you work in. For instance, if you are a beginner writer, it is unlikely that you have an outstanding portfolio that will leave your potential clients […]

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3 Pervasive Stereotypes About Freelancers

If you believe that freelance work has more cons than pros, chances are you are a victim of certain delusions about freelancing. Hiring a freelancer, especially for businesses, can be a true blessing sometimes. Actually, “Freelancing in America,” research carried out for Freelancers Union & Elance-oDesk, proves that the U.S. economy obtains $715 billion from […]

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How to Set up a Constructive Weekend

The majority of people will do whatever they can just to skip working during the weekend. They might clean the house, surf the internet, watch films, or simply sleep in. What they certainly won’t do is think about phone calls, sales objectives, and emails. However, not everyone is blessed with the opportunity to have a […]

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