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How to Come up With a Functional Agenda to Suit Your Freelancer Duties

If you are a full-time devoted freelance worker, the chances are that your office is actually your home, as this is the cheapest and most convenient option. Unfortunately, working from home has its own disadvantages as well. The major one is related to the omnipresent distractions that may affect your productivity in a bad way.     […]

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5 Clues You Are Ready to Go Full-Time Freelancing

No matter how creative and inspiring your corporate job is, at some point, you might feel you want something completely different. Even if you have an excellent salary and perfect relationships with your colleagues, there might be something missing – fulfillment.  Though it may sound like a cliche, apart from salary, contentment with your job […]

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6 Misconceptions About Freelancers That Must Be Dispelled Immediately

Reasons for ditching your old conventional career and starting a new freelance one can be different. Some of them include commuting, meetings, schedules, phone calls, emails, etc. The same old boring routines might kill your spirit and inspiration over time and leave you entirely drained and exhausted.  Whatever the reasons for quitting your traditional job, […]

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5 Types of Impostorism and Tips to Fight Them Off

Impostorism or impostor syndrome refers to a psychological pattern of behavior when a person lacks confidence in themselves and keeps doubting their accomplishments despite evident proofs of their capacities and success. This phenomenon is mostly present among high or overachievers as well as among those occupying senior or executive positions.  Even though it may serve […]

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3 Attitude Shifts You Need to Become a CEO

eaving a stable corporate job in favor of a freelancing career may be a bit difficult in the beginning. Fortunately, such a decision usually turns out to be highly lucrative regarding not only income but also overall well-being.  However, after a certain period of fruitful freelancing, you may feel the urge and need for something […]

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Protocols to Stick to in a Co-Working Hub

Co-working spaces might be pretty beneficial for freelancers, both newcomers and seasoned ones. You may get a lot of essential information, advice, and guidelines. Besides, you may discover new or strengthen your existing network of clients. Lastly, co-working hubs may alleviate or altogether remove the feeling of solitude. However, such spaces have specific rules that […]

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