5 Time-Consuming Distractions Forbidden for Freelancers

It is only when you start working as a freelancer that you realize you actually had plenty of free time.

The most enticing aspect of a freelance career is working from the coziness of your humble abode. Since there are no distractions and disturbances, you normally expect your output to escalate. Well, not necessarily.

On the one hand, it’s unquestionable that productivity in a home environment is absolutely possible and achievable. On the other, a home office seems to impose a new set of challenges in terms of time-consuming distractions that a freelancer mustn’t succumb to. Ranging from sleeping in to binge-watching your favorite shows, poor productivity lurks right around the corner.

In order not to fall prey to frequent distractions of a home office, determine those that are the biggest threat and find out how to bypass them. Check out the text to discover some of the most common ones.

Social Media

Even if you are a specialist in marketing, particularly social media marketing, try not to mix your personal and professional social media usage. Promoting your latest blog posts and searching for new opportunities is one thing. However, flipping and hitting the like button on every single photo your friends posted from their holiday is a complete waste of precious time.

To avoid jumping into the abyss of unproductivity, limit scrolling through your personal Facebook and Instagram or other social media accounts. Let’s be honest; social networks are here to devour our precious time. If not restricted and limited, they can easily eat up an hour or even a few initially intended for work.

Physical Inactivity

When all the distance you have to travel is from your own bedroom to your office, you can quickly become satisfied with your personal well-being. But if you start neglecting your body, your precious time will start suffering.

Physical exercise is important, so always try to find some time to work out. Even though this might seem like an excuse to interrupt your work, research has indicated that people who exercise during a weekday show higher productivity than those that spend their entire working hours in their offices. Also, working out on a weekday boosts your time management and finished assignments by almost 72%.

Too Much Freedom

Even though freedom is the first association with freelance work, sometimes, it is a true double-edged sword. You may take a morning or any part of the day off, but it is essential that you follow your schedule. Otherwise, such an indulgence could easily become a norm, and you certainly don’t want that.

To get the peak of your productivity, you should schedule every activity during a weekday. These range from working out and checking emails to meeting clients — everything should be neatly organized. Typically, it is acceptable to stray away sometimes. However, a good agenda revents you from continually slacking off.

Undefined Space Boundaries

Freelancers are frequently exposed to the risk of spending their entire day at their desks. This includes both working and taking breaks as well as having meals. However, you should never do this. Just like you should avoid using your smartphone in bed, avoid carrying out activities that are not related to work in your office, or even worse, at your desk.

When you are about to have a break, leave your desk. Go to your living room, for instance, and watch your favorite T.V. show (but limit yourself to only one episode). Have your meal in the kitchen, at the table. When your break is over, get back to your office and continue with your assignments.

Frequent Invitations

You may accept your friend’s invitation for a cup of coffee or lunch. However, if a friend asks you to go and play golf with them in the middle of the workday, reconsider whether it is a good idea to call it a day much earlier and sacrifice your productivity.

When you are a freelancer, people reckon that you are free and available all the time. If you feel like going out and enjoying a day with your friends, schedule it in advance. Resist the temporary impulse to leave your work behind and have fun with your friends. This way, you can fully enjoy the advantages of working as a freelancer. Besides, your monthly income won’t be sacrificed.


To sum it all up, working as a freelancer from your own home office can definitely be more constructive than spending 8+ hours in an overcrowded and noisy regular office. However, it takes a little discipline to make the best of it. Staying away from the above-mentioned time-consumers or just limiting them is going to make an enormous difference in your productivity and overall happiness.