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Four Strategies for Becoming a Successful Freelancer

No matter if you’ve been freelancing for years now or are just considering going freelance, there are several strategies to improve your success prospects. According to Freelancing in America: 2019 recent report published by Freelancers Union, almost ⅓ of American employees older than 50 have gone full-time or part-time freelancing. In figures, 60% of workers […]

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How to Improve Your Social Media Profile

Social networks can be an excellent tool for remote and freelance workers in their never-ending quest for clients. Knowing how to use them to your greatest advantage gets half of the job done. Stick to the following rules in order to make your freelancing bloom not only in the field of finance but also on […]

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The Most and Least Favorable Cities for Freelancers in the USA

Currently, the USA boasts 56.7 million freelancers, which is 3.7 million more compared to the figures from 2017, according to Freelancers Union. The primary reasons for starting a freelance career are high levels of liberty and flexibility. However, not all places are suitable for freelancing, i.e., they are not freelancer-friendly. As high-quality internet is essential […]

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Freelancing Market Is Much Bigger Than You Might Think

The report launched recently by Freelancer’s Union reveals that freelancing revenue surpasses the gross domestic products of certain countries. Namely, it amounts to approximately $1 trillion, which makes up for nearly 5% of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). That is to say, the freelancing market is greater than the Swiss or Saudi Arabic economy. […]

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Vacation or Workation — Which One to Choose?

Whether you choose to refer to it as a working vacation or a workation, two things are certain. Workations are now widespread among freelancers and remote workers that strive to remain available to their customers while globetrotting at the same time.  Nowadays, there are myriads of journeys aimed particularly at companies’ founders. They may range […]

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What to Do If Your Authorship Credit Was Violated

Imagine the following situation: you are a freelance writer, and a local company invites you to come up with content they could publish on their blog. You make no contracts or agreements whatsoever; the only contact was correspondence via emails and one meeting in person.  You agreed to create the content, so the firm published […]

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