1. The order it going to the execution after the payment generally within 40 business hours after receipt of payment if the other terms are not negotiated individually.
  2. In case the order execution is not started within 40 business hour after payment the money are refunded to the customer.
  3. The time line when order must be finished is discussed prior to the payment, it CAN NOT be changed after the order is made.  If the deadline is NOT set up prior to the payment outsourcingeasy.com reserves the right to set up deadline in accordance to the industry standard and internal regulations of the company and notify client via email about the time frames.
  4. If case the Client is not replying to the email within 48h outsourcingeasy.com reserves the right to consider that client has excepted the conditions or changes in order execution mentioned in the email.
  5. If clients requests the cancellation of order after the work was started outsourcingeasy.com reserves the right to hold up to 50% of initial payment before the refund.
  6. The work is delivered/sent  to the client in the most convenient way chosen by the client.
  7. Client has 24 h to review the delivered solution and request adaptation or changes needed, if no request is received within 24 h the order considered to be finalized,any additional changes can and will be done after the new payment is received.

NOTE: In cases of the high demand for the particular specialist the client is requested to do the partial payment to reserve the specialist time for future, and once the order goes to the execution customer is requested to pay the remaining amount.