A recent social study have detected that short-term projects are better for freelancer’s financial wellbeing and professional growth. Researchers even went as far as saying that 3 texts paid $100 each are significantly better in perspective than one $800 article. Naturally, many freelancers disagreed, because simple calculations prove otherwise. However, there are some solid statements that prove that smaller-projects-approach could actually make a lot of sense.

Firstly, it may help freelancers to plan time properly. They can juggle different tasks as they want which will provide them with better work-life balance. Plus, more tasks will make them more visible on the market, they will get more reviews if they work at any freelancer’s platform. The next argument is about the speed of payments. As many of you know, freelancers may not get paid regularly and fully.

They are simply aren’t protected by the law on such level as all regular in-house full-time employees are. That’s why payments may delay for as much as 2-3 months (!). If it’s a research project that may take 1-2 weeks, nobody would want to stay unpaid for that long after so much work was put into a certain project. So more small projects will give freelancers more chances to get paid in time.