We don’t know any person who wouldn’t dream of working somewhere by the ocean, listen to the waves, and swinging in a hammock while checking the stock exchange data. Perhaps, you’re such a unique individual who loves to get to work every morning, sit at the desk, and be surrounded by the same four walls all the time. Wait a minute, it did not sound very optimistic. Actually, there are offices which look so incredibly cool and have such a lively and inspiring atmosphere that you don’t really want to leave them! Besides, there are freelancers who work from home which is pretty much the same four walls. That’s why almost a quarter of all remote workers prefer to flee to another country searching for inspiration, motivation, and productivity. These independent self-employed adventurers call themselves ‘digital nomads’ and if you’re willing to join their cosmopolitan community, we’ve got a list of cities that are considered to be the best travel destinations for freelance enthusiasts.

Hanoi (Vietnam)

If you’ve ever seen a travel show featuring Hanoi, the impression could be displeasing, repulsive, but most importantly, wrong. Because most travel show presenters and bloggers hang out in the downtown and tourist areas which are often overcrowded, dirty, smoky, and speaking honestly, rather smelly. This city is definitely not for people who are looking for peaceful and quiet work time, filled with reminiscing, calm thinking, and creative absorbency of the surrounding world. Hanoi will always push you to the edge of your professional capacities, however, it will do it in the gentlest way possible.

You’ll be watching people who move in the streets like a river flow, they’ll always look busy and focused. You’ll always see a purpose in the eyes of Hanoi citizens and it’s very contagious. And don’t even get us started on the picturesque nature!

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

You think you come to one city, but actually, you end up in dozens all at the same time! Malaysian culture is diverse, mesmerizing, and always have a room for surprise. Walking around Kuala Lumpur may, in fact, look like a world tour. If you’re a fan of Thai food, then there is no better place to live for you. The assortment of cuisine is incredibly rich and you may eat a different dish every day without repetition for years! Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, Korean food in its most delicious and appealing form is always right around the corner.

However, food is not the only reason why Kuala Lumpur became so incredibly popular among freelancers. Oh, wait, it actually is! What remote workers who live in Malaysia love the most about this country is the unique experience of interacting with different cultures and an opportunity to become a part of such a diverse community.

Mexico City (Mexico)

Unfortunately, Mexico has been lately associated mostly with the current POTUS and his obsession with a border wall. While many Mexicans are going to the US looking for better economic perspectives and career opportunities, freelancers from all around the world arrive in Mexico City to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle, indulge in the delicious national food, and make the most out of nightlife. Mexico City has been called ‘a hub of renovation’ by various media and it lives up to this title 24/7. If your freelance profession has anything to do with art, creativity of any format, this city will cuddle you up and will become the breeding ground for your innovative ideas. Oh, and let’s not forget about tacos! Every one of thousands of little restaurants serve them differently, yet deliciously!

Santiago (Chile)

Let’s move a bit south (we mean South America, you nasty) and end up in magnificent Chile. It has it all – tall mountains with heavy snow caps, Pacific ocean with not-so-peaceful waves, shadowy rain forests with close-to-magical creatures, and of course, tons of fun in the capital city Santiago. It represents dozens of cultures, nationalities, and cuisines. Santiago is the perfect city for people who are looking for something and they are not really sure what they’re looking for. And you know that at some point in your life, you were one of them. You won’t find Santiago listed as one of the most technologically progressive or developed cities in the world, but it surely is one of the most gorgeous and inspirational.

Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Chiang Mai was recognized as the best city in Asia and this fact alone is enough to move there. There are so many factors and features that support such an honorable title. Freelancers come to Chaing Mai to find themselves in time and space, since its atmosphere is so soothing and uplifting at the same time. Thailand is the place that you often see in adverts and movies depicted as paradise. What many travelers have noticed about this place is very welcoming friendliness of locals. Even if you decide to start your life from the scratch, you’ll find a bunch of new pals and create a group of your own Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and Joey. Just look at the pictures of Chiang Mai – it does look like another planet!

Medellín (Colombia)

You’ve probably heard a lot about this city in the news during the past few years. It’s true that Medellín has been through distraction, seizures of political power, attacks of armed gangs, and massive turmoil. Now, things are rapidly changing for the better, the city is in the middle of a huge beneficial renovation, and many international companies are investing whopping sums of money into different sectors of the city economy. If you’re a freelancer with an entrepreneurial drive, Medellín will present you with many promising opportunities to start your own business. The young generation of Colombia is extremely motivated and determined and such spirit is highly transmittable. You’ll find a decent number of co-working spaces with creative design and even more creative people. So give Colombia a chance and it will pay you off with positive emotions, professional growth, and tons of opportunities.