Fluffy, funny, and fabulous. They make our lives so much better! What is more, they fill out our lives with pure joy, happiness, and a little bit of trouble. But we forgive them every single mischief because ‘Look-at-that-cute-nose’! You’d be surprised how many people chose the freelance lifestyle just because they want to be around their pets (dogs mostly) all day long. If you’re not a pet owner (probably yet), it may be hard to understand why those impossibly adorable creatures are being perceived as true friends and treated as carefully and respectably as family members. But leaving your beloved floof at home for the whole day is rather heartbreaking.

Many companies nowadays have pet-friendly offices and this has become an incredibly beneficial experience for all pet owners who have an opportunity to bring their friends to work. It has reduced an overall work stress level by 22%, however, a majority of offices still don’t allow wagging tails. Therefore, becoming a freelancer and a proud full-time pet-parent is your destiny. If you’re just planning of getting yourself a true friend (yep, a domestic animal), then we’ve got some tips for you.


We decided to write about these independent and graceful animals first, because they are 10/10 the most suitable pets for freelancers. We know that there are cat- and dog-people, so if felines aren’t really your mojo, you can jump straight to our second section and for all of you who decided to stay, here it goes. As we’ve already stated, cats are independent and even partly autonomous creatures, they don’t demand too much attention from owners and generally, are pretty great at playing solo. Cats don’t require walking so all of these perks combined mean that you won’t have to get constantly distracted and will be able to focus entirely on the work.

Undoubtedly, there is no chance you can avoid regular vet visits and occasional play sessions. It’s not like you’re going to live like total strangers or just roommates with your cat, you still are going to have a traditional pet-owner relationship, or you can call yourself a mom or dad of that kitten. If you’re spending your whole day by computer, then a cat will become a purrfect partner for you. You won’t feel lonely and you won’t have to dedicate too much time to your pet since he/she simply doesn’t like it. Besides, cats are incredibly smart companions!


If we take a look at raw statistics, dogs are more popular among households in the USA. From all the people who own a pet, 60.2% choose dogs, 47.1% prefer cats. When we’re talking about freelancer’s lifestyle, a dog is still a great choice. You’ll be at home and will have an opportunity to spend significantly more quality time with your dog. These pets have a very playful and cheerful nature, so if they could, they would be playing with you all day long. However, this is never an opportunity for a freelancer. A mere presence of an owner at home will produce a certain level of satisfaction for your floof and he/she won’t be missing you so much.

Having a dog comes with great responsibilities and huge health benefits. Dogs require walking (except for some small breeds), so you’ll have to engage in physical activity in the open air which is great for health, especially if you sit at the desk all day long. Dogs are emotional animals and they get extremely attached to their owners, so you’ll constantly have around someone who loves you and is willing to protect you. And of course, you’re supposed to give that love back.


These pets are often cheerful and friendly. Besides, they produce really cool sound effects! In case you’d like to relax during a hard workday, you may sit back and listen to a joyful birdsong. Besides, picturing yourself modern-era Snow White will never hurt, right? There is a great variety of choices when it comes to bird species, each possessing different character traits. The most popular choice is cockatiel, this birdie has received 23% of votes of all feathered creatures owners. Then come African Grey Parrots and Budgerigars. As you can see, parrots are the most popular. These birds are great for freelancers since they don’t require too much attention and can be left in the cage unattended for hours. If a bird is well-trained, the one can be flying around your house without bothering you. On top of that, you’ll always have a live creature to talk to. Of course, they will be responding to you in phrases that you’ve taught them. So perhaps, it makes sense to teach them to encourage and compliment you.


They may be less active than most pets that we’re talking about in this article, but they surely are a popular choice because of their noble nature, extravagant exterior, and cool vibe. Keeping certain types of reptiles at home is restricted in some countries, so, please, look up the laws before buying this gorgeous pet. Reptile animal class includes crocodiles, lizards, turtles, snakes, and other animals that may resemble a small form of a dinosaur. They are generally rather calm and graceful, but, please, remember that dangerous species require extra care and attention. Some snakes and lizards are venomous and even small crocodiles can bite off a piece of your finger. On top of that, they require tanks with special light and temperature and often can’t spend a lot of time aside from their glass homes. So they’re not much of attached companions. And be prepared to the fact that their acts of love can be rather reserved.


These pets are surely more lively and will acknowledge you as their owner (sometimes, even a parent) and their fluffy fur is an indisputable advantage. Studies have shown that petting an animal is highly beneficial for your mental and physical stress since it significantly reduces stress levels. So hugging a hamster or a rabbit (but in a gentle way) will surely be a great experience. There is a wide variety of choices as well. Mice, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, and many more exotic species. Many rodents require individual approach due to their different needs. There is a Swiss law which requires getting two guinea pigs because they aren’t good at being alone. Ferrets need a lot of attention from the owner since they get attached so much that they also don’t feel good flying solo. Besides, some countries and American states have restrictions against ferrets as pets. It’s dangerous to live rodents unattended for a long time since their natural curiosity and wide instincts may get them in trouble. If you don’t have a lot of living space or your landlord doesn’t allow big animals, a little ball of playful floof like a hamster may cheer up your hardworking freelance days.


These pets are great for both freelancers and full-time office workers since they don’t require much time (if any) for interaction. Even taking off for a whole weekend won’t hurt them as far as your little swimming buddies have an automated system of water filtration in the tank, a water conditioner, and an automated feeding system. Fish are great stress-relievers. This is the main reason why people get them as pets. Of course, you can’t interact with them except for looking at them through the glass, but this will be enough to dive into a meditation session. Their calm and peaceful attitude is incredibly contagious. There is one more thing to keep in mind – make sure the water tank with your beloved fish is unreachable for your more mobile buddies like dogs and cats. And crocodiles, in some cases.